Lenny Nelson

Lenny Nelson Profile PhotoAs the third boy in a family of 6 kids, I spent a lot of time in the outdoors with my brothers. We were outside every chance we got and learned to hunt together over the years. Hunting has become a cornerstone in my family’s life, and for that I will always be grateful. My passion for hunting grew to a whole new level once I put on my first giant 7,000 cubic inch backpack (that was so stuffed with gear I could barely carry it) and hiked into a secluded basin.  Since then, I have refined the art of backpack hunting as I continue the quest to find that next great hunting area.

Steve Speck and I began prototyping a new lightweight hunting pack in 2013, and launched as Exo Mountain Gear in 2014. Today we are on the second generation pack and have enjoyed seeing the growth and feedback of our packs being used by fellow hunters.

My wife, Camille, has followed me on many backpack trips that just so happened to be possible hunting basins. I can’t wait to take our son and daughter hunting for the first time to build this cornerstone in their lives. In addition to running Exo Mountain Gear with Steve, I currently work in the Commercial Real Estate industry.