Steve Speck

Steve Speck Profile PhotoI was extremely fortunate to have grown up in Idaho with an abundance of public land and places to explore, so it didn’t take long to develop a passion for backpacking and hunting.  Pairing the two together only made sense, and I spend every day of the year either dreaming about being in the backcountry or experiencing it.

If its not hunting season I always find a way to just get outside; whether that is Mountain Biking, Fishing, Backpacks trips with my wife or Chukar hunting with my dog.  Life is good as long as I can get outdoors!

Hunting became such a great passion for me that I turned it into my job.  I started S&S Archery in 2008 and continue to run it today.  Working for myself afforded me the time and opportunity to develop products for hunting as well.  I founded Solid Broadheads in 2010 and co-founded Exo Mountain Gear with Lenny Nelson in 2014.

It’s truly  been a great pleasure to combine my passion for archery hunting and my job together.