Hunting Gear We Use

Each of us have our own gear preferences and make choices accordingly.  However, we have each found that certain items stand out as the best option in their respective categories.  In addition to our individual, detailed gear lists (coming soon!), we wanted to feature those items that all of use feel are the best of the bunch:

Exo Mountain Gear Backpacks

“We decided to design our own pack after using most packs on the market but not finding the ‘one’ pack that did it all with our style of hunting. Lean more at packs work great with our ‘hunt off of your back’ style by being able to comfortably haul our overnight gear all day and still pack out a quarter elk once it is down.” —Lenny

Hoyt Bows

Solid Broadheads

“I designed the Solid Broadhead with the goal of creating what I thought was the perfect fixed-blade broadhead for Western Big Game hunting.  The head needed to fly excellent, be extremely strong and very sharp.  At Pure Elevation we have had nothing but great success shooting the Solids.” —Steve

First Lite Hunting Apparel

“We’ve been wearing First Lite since they first came out with base layers years ago.  We quickly realized how perfect merino wool was for our type of hunting.  It wears like a cotton t-shirt but performs and resists odor better than any other garment on the market.  From 20-degrees to 80-degrees, and whether we’re hunting 3 days or 10 — First Lite has us covered.  We often joke about how we ever hunted without our First Lite; especially the puffy jacket, we never leave home without it.” —Jason

TightSpot Quivers

“We use TightSpot Quivers because we like how they fit so tight to our bow, and the adjustability of their design makes balancing our bows a breeze.  Great product made by great people that stand behind their quivers.” —Tyler

Black Gold Sights

“The Ascent Verdict” is our go-to bow sight.  We love it for it’s bomb proof durability, super smooth adjustability of the “Dial-of-Death knob, and it’s skycoil fibers and photochromatic hood that keeps our pins looking perfect any time of day.   With other sights we’ve bent pins, stripped frozen gears and busted fiber optics.  But with Black Gold, we’ve never had a problem in the mountains or on the 3D course.  Accuracy, confidence and peace of mind; it’s why we shoot them exculsively and recommend them to everyone who asks—Jason

Easton Arrows

B-Stinger Stabilizers

“We have been using our Bee Stinger Stabilizers for several years now and have not looked back since. The Pro Hunter Maxx and Sport Hunter Xtreme are the stabilizers that complete our bow package.  We are able to add or take away weights to fine tune or shooting and balance, which makes a huge difference.” —Tyler

Ripcord Rests

“I am infamously known for being very hard on my gear; some might say I even abuse my gear. When it comes to my archery equipment, I don’t want to think about it after I put in on my bow. Ripcord rests have been extremely reliable throughout my abuse in all conditions, and I never have to wonder if it is going to do its job.” —Lenny

Jetboil Stoves

“Once I figured out I could make coffee on the mountain with one system of stove, fuel, and cup in a lightweight compact package, I was sold!  The system is easy to use, boils very fast, and spill-proof, all while keeping my coffee warm while glassing.  And I love that I can be eating my Mountain House meals in under 15 minutes. The Jetboil system is tough to beat for backcountry hunting.” —Lenny

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filters

“We have been using Sawyer filters for the last few years and now we can’t imagine using anything else.  At only 3 ounces, the Sawyer Squeeze is 8 ounces lighter than my previous filter, half the size, half the price, and yet, provides twice the flow.  It’s basically a no-brainer for lightweight backcountry hunting.” —Jason